How You Can Help

Do you love animals? Would you like to help local pets, but can't add another forever family member to your home at this time? There are still many ways you can help!

Are you good at fundraising? Do you know how to write grants? Do you have connections within our or other local communities? Do you have extra time on your hands? Do you have a vehicle and gas money to spare? Are you good at getting donations? Are you good at dealing with people? Are you well reserved in the law (especially animal or non-profit)? Do you have time and room for a temporary pet? Are you very computer literate? Are you a good writer? Do you enjoy cleaning? Do you have pet items you are no longer using? Do you have money to spare? Do you love books or working with the public? Any of these things would help our rescue, and in turn, help the pets of our community!

For instance, you can become a member, join our board, help with our fundraising committee, come to meetings to add your ideas, volunteer at our events, volunteer at our bookstore, help write grants, transport pets to other rescues, help us get donations, foster a pet, donate items or money, connect us with those in our area who could be of assistance, help with our membership program, help our fundraising committee, help with our online pet listings, write a newsletter, articles or letters to potential donors... All of these and more will help us in our goal of saving homeless animals, helping those who have homes but need assistance, improving the lives of the pets in our area, and ultimately opening a new shelter large enough that no pets are turned away.

Please contact us by email at, by phone at 260-726-3331, or contact one of our board members if you are interested in helping in any way.

For a monetary donation, you can send it to our Paypal address,, or click the Donate button on the top right of this page. If you select to send money to family or friends, we will not be charged additional fees on your donation.

Donations can also be mailed to Midwest Pet Refuge, 115 N Meridian St. PO Box 1072, Portland, IN 47371. 

In addition, you can  send donations in our name to the Portland Vet Clinic, 1407 W Votaw St., Portland, IN 47371, to help with vet costs for our fosters and injured pets we assist. They also accept credit card payments by phone at 260-726-7370, just please be sure to say it's for us. :)

We do have an Amazon Wish List, with things we need for our foster pets that you can purchase and have shipped to us.

Also, donations of items are a big help. We can always use things such as:

Cat Chow, Kitten Chow and Tidy Cat Scoopable litter for our foster cats

Paper towels, bleach, dish soap and other cleaning supplies

Small blankets, baby blankets and towels

Litter boxes or scoops

Cat Towers, hidey holes, scratching posts, beds or toys

Cleaning products (Mr. Clean/ Lysol, Odoban, dish soap, hand soap, bleach)

Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes)

Office supplies (Kodak Verite printer ink, printer paper, stamps,

envelopes, sharpies, folders, notebooks, post-its, etc.)

Collars, leashes, harnesses and slip leads

Pet medications for our fosters (flea treatments, heartworm or wormers, etc.)

Any pet supplies you are no longer using

Gift certificates from Wal Mart, PetsMart, Rural King or other stores with pet supplies,

local vets or Spay/ Neuter Clinics

Large wire dog crates, ferret or cat tower cages, cat crates

Dog kennels

Live Traps

Small pet cages, food, and accessories (for rabbits, rodents, etc.)

Books for our bookstore

Items to raffle/ auction at fundraisers or sell at our bookstore

And much more...

If you think we could use it and would like to donate it, please let us know!

Donations of any sort can be given to any of our board members,

or you may drop them off at Cat Tales at 115 N Meridian Street in Portland.

We are now a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

As always, we are so very grateful for any and all donations and help we are given.