New Shelter

Midwest Pet Refuge is raising money to build or buy  an updated shelter facility

to help the animals in our area. 

There are many reasons why Jay and surrounding counties need a new shelter. 

First and foremost, most of the shelters in our area are outdated, with no room to expand or update.

Almost all operate constantly at maximum capacity.

All in Jay County are committed to being no kill shelters

(only euthanizing animals that are too ill/ injured/ aggressive to be adopted),

but all are currently forced to turn away pets because there is simply NO ROOM.  

Our policy is to put the interests and welfare of the animals first, 

but with our small shop and limited foster homes we can only help so many,

which leaves many to be neglected, dumped or worse. 

Some shelters in surrounding counties are euthanizing high numbers of

healthy, friendly pets in order to be able to take others in.

This needs to STOP! 

 Additionally, the current shelters have no designated space

to quarantine new or sick animals, thereby putting other animals at risk.

They also do not have good air filtration,

which is necessary for the health of the animals housed there (and the workers too!)
The animals deserve better.

 Please consider making a one time or a recurring monthly donation of any amount

to support the shelter by clicking the button at the top of this page. 
The local animals and the volunteers of MPR will thank you.